To large extent I spent the end of summer 2004 by riding there and back in Prague and Lisbon's trams. My aim was to make a small survey of life of tram drivers of the two cities and to try to capture this every day life with my camera... That is how a project "Prague and Lisbon through the eyes of tram drivers" came into existence.

The main result of my short tram life is set of photographs, which was presented in February in Lisbon's Ler Devagar gallery as well as inside local tram cars (where many of them were actually shot).

The Prague exhibition took place from March 19 until April 30 in Kino Aero . On thie occassion of the vernisage Aero screened Wenders' Lisbon Storyand two short documentaries about Lisbon's trams and barcos made by Pedro Sena Nunes.

The project was supported by:

CARRIS (Luis Vale and Maria Gabriela Pereira)
Centro Minerva (Joaquim Ramos)
Prague Transportation Authority (Karel Vavroušek)
Prague City Hall (Miroslav Sklenář)
Instituto Camoes
Embassy of Portugal in Prague (Pedro Carneiro)
Embassy of Czech Republic in Lisbon (Ilona Jindrová)
Global Wines / Real Companhia Velha (Jaroslav Kolář)
Digitalglobo (Carlos Alves)
Critério (Victor Neves)

The project was held under the auspices of Mr. Pavel Bém, Mayor of Prague.

René Kubášek, May 2005

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